CNC Machine Tools
Computer Numerical Control equipment (CNC) is taking over the manufacture and fabrication of many parts and even whole products in many industries. This trend now taking off with the advent of more and more sophisticated computer circuts, software and compnents. This trend in manufacturing actually started back in the 1970's when the equipment was referred to as NC for numberical control.

Industrial CND equipment is designed to limit and in some cases even eliminate manual tasks in as many steps as possible of the fabrication and manufacuting process. The end goal is to drastically reduce the production time for each piece manufactured and assembled to make the finished product be it autos, airplanes, weapons, medical equipment...anything requiring the cutting, drilling, bending, grinding etc. of materials to produce manufactured products. Reducing human "hands on" work in this process will also signifantly reduce material wastage and accidents.

Manual Production
Think of the time required for a production worker to drill a hole in a piece of metal using traditional equipment not controlled by computer programming. He has to secure the piece of metal in place so that it will not move during the drilling process, adjust the drill press to the right rotational speed, engage the spindal then manually press the bit into and through the metal. This process has many steps and subjects the worker to risks of human errors not to mention accidents that can happen during each step.

Simplyfing The Production Process
A CNC machine takes over most if not all of these steps. About the only thing left for the operator to do is set the piece of metal in place, activate the spindal and finally program the control settings and the CNC machine will do the rest of the process greatly simplfying the whole process for the operator. Everything from this point forward is taken over by the machine as programmed by the machine operator.

Way More Accurate and Consistent
Not only does a CNC machine save a tremendous amount of production time, during the short period of time it is blasting out thousands of pieces of work Wayit is doing so very accurately and consistently to a level that would be impossible to do by hand one piece at a time. There is very little if not zero difference in the specification tolerance of each piece manufactured by the Computer Numberical Control machine.

Flexibility Also
These "Auto Machines" are also have flexibility as thier program can be set and utilitzed for a several thousand piece production run. Once finished the settings can be saved and recalled for another run of the same part with the same specifications at a later date. Another setting can then be used for a different machined part production run. The controls are easy to program making it easy for the operator to meet or exceed tight deadlines.

A Growing Number of CNC Machine Tools Are Now Available In Diverse Industries
The most common tools of metal manufacturing are now avaialbe as CNC such as ginders, lathes, drills, routers and of course welders. There are even machines contorlled by computer programs in areas you would not at first realize such as quilting, embroidery and paper cutters, printing. Many industries requiring mass production will have machines controlled by computer programming. As modern manufactruing and robics evolve and become increasingly sophisticated more and more of the items we encounter in our everyday lives will have been "touched" by these manufacturing wonders making the production process easier and safer and allowing society access to cheaper and better manufactured goods.

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